3 Ways All Places Rehab Can Help You Get the Most Out of Home Therapy 

Home therapy allows you to receive rehabilitative services from your home, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech language pathology. One of the biggest reasons why clients choose home therapy is transportation issues. Either they cannot arrange transportation, or they experience difficulty traveling to clinics due to medical issues. However, this isn’t the only reason. There’s also the added benefit of convenience and flexibility that home therapy provides. Many people feel more comfortable and are able to perform tasks more effectively as a result. Whatever your reason for choosing home therapy, All Places Rehab can help bring the care you need right to your home quickly and easily.

Finding your home therapy provider on All Places Rehab can also help you get the most out of your home therapy in ways you might not expect. Here are 3 benefits of using All Places Rehab that will allow you to enhance your home therapy experience:

  1. All Places Rehab makes the process of finding a provider that truly matches your unique needs so much faster and easier. It only takes a minute, and it’s completely user-friendly and intuitive. We find it much simpler (and more robust, but we’ll get to that), than searching through most insurance platforms or on Google.
  2. We boast an extensive network of home therapists for you to choose from, so you’ll not only have an easier time finding a provider, but you can also have the best possible selection of providers in your area. We specialize in connecting you with rehabilitative care providers exclusively, which has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on building our network to offer a wide range of specialties and conditions treated.
  3. Home therapy services are often limited in duration, in many cases less than 4 weeks. Having a wider pool of therapists to choose from could allow for greater frequency and time length. Of course, this will still be determined by insurance or private pay options.

What Kind of Home Therapy Is Available on All Places Rehab?

We offer a network of rehabilitative care providers for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech language pathology. Our providers have a wide range of specialties and treat a variety of conditions, so you can search for a provider who truly meets your unique needs in your area. You can find a list of the many specialties and conditions of our providers here.

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