How Can APR Help Me Reach More Patients?

At All Places Rehab, we’re all about connection. Our primary goal and the reason we created this platform is to make it unbelievably simple to find rehabilitative care that fits clients’ unique needs—and of course, vice versa, to help really great rehabilitative therapists like yourself to be able to help clients without the burden of having to market themselves. For most providers, the process of increasing one’s visibility is time-consuming and complicated. APR aims to help you remain focused on what you do best, providing rehabilitative care.

So, how can APR help you expand your occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech language pathology practice to reach more patients?

1. Online Presence

Whether you have a website or not, APR provides a user-friendly, professional platform that provides information about your services, expertise, and contact details. We provide search engine optimization to ensure you appear in relevant searches and reach clientele that align with your services. It’s an ideal way to avoid having to constantly maintain and improve your online presence, or to supplement your existing online presence.

2. Specialized Services

APR allows you to highlight any niche expertise you have that sets your practice apart from others. This allows you to leverage your unique skills and experience to reach clients whose needs fit your offerings perfectly. You can also use this functionality to target your ideal clients. For example, perhaps you want to work with certain conditions more than others. Listing these conditions under your specialties can draw those clients to you.

3. Telehealth

APR allows you to offer telehealth services to reach clients who may have difficulty accessing in-person therapy. This can expand your reach to rural areas or individuals with mobility or transportation challenges. Telehealth also allows clients greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling and busy schedules. It’s much easier to squeeze in an appointment at lunchtime or after school with a virtual option.

4. Client Testimonials and Reviews

You can encourage satisfied clients to provide testimonials and reviews directly on your public APR listing. Positive feedback builds trust and credibility, attracting new clients.

We have carefully designed All Places Rehab to help you build your rehabilitative therapy practices in a way that is organic and simple. It’s quick to set up, and from there, it’s basically on auto-pilot. We’ve outlined our top tips to optimize your profile to expand your visibility as a starting point.

We believe that your time is best spent with clients, not researching and implementing a strategy to increase your online visibility. For those who do love learning about the online aspect of building a therapy practice, however, APR can still be incredibly beneficial as it gives you an additional platform to supplement your efforts that is both passive and effective. Give it a try, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback. We always love hearing from our community!

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