The Challenges of Navigating Rehabilitative Care

What led us to create All Places Rehab was witnessing the challenges patients and caregivers faced when navigating rehabilitative care. It can prove to be quite a complex process finding a provider that checks all your boxes and is available when and where you need them. All Places Rehab is designed to eliminate all headaches from the search process. We want to make it as seamless as possible to get rehabilitative care so that you can focus on the care itself and your wellbeing.

Here are just some of the obstacles we’ve seen patients experience when looking for a rehabilitative care provider:

1. Insurance limitations

The word insurance alone is enough to make patients cringe. Sometimes, it’s unclear if both your insurance provider and specific plan are accepted. We allow you to find providers based on your exact insurance provider and plan, so you’ll only see providers that are covered by your insurance.

2. Location

For outpatient and home therapy, it can be a real challenge to find the right provider who is within a reasonable distance. Our search function allows you to select a radius that is comfortable for you and see a selection of all the providers matching your needs within that radius.

3. Telehealth

Sometimes virtual rehabilitative services are more convenient or are the only possibility due to limited mobility or to gain access to a specialist that is too far away. We offer the ability to search specifically for providers that offer telehealth services, which means you won’t have to sort through providers to see which ones offer this option.

4. Finding the specialties needed

The All Places Rehab search function allows you to easily pull up providers offering the specialty or specialties you’re looking for, while also accounting for all of your other search criteria. This is especially helpful when you’re looking for a specialty that is less common or when searching for multiple specialties at once. 

5. Finding a provider for a specific condition

Similar to finding the specialties you need, it can be really helpful to search by your condition (or conditions). Simply check off the boxes, and we’ll connect you with a list of rehabilitative care providers specializing in your condition(s) in just a few clicks.

6. Limited search results

Not every provider that meets your needs will necessarily show up in a Google search. It’s become increasingly difficult for care providers to balance their main business of caring for patients with the increasingly complex need to market themselves online in order to connect with patients. The best provider for you may not have their own website, have an account on a healthcare scheduling platform, or be on your insurance provider’s search list. Rehabilitative care providers happily join us as we provide this visibility for them with little effort on their part, and therefore we’ve been able to grow an extensive and diverse network. Our search platform makes it beyond easy to find providers that truly meet all your rehabilitative care needs.

7. Building a rehabilitative care team

In some cases, multiple kinds of therapy are necessary, and the challenges of finding care are magnified exponentially. Because it is so quick and simple to find providers through our search network, you can very easily find all the providers you need for your particular situation in a matter of minutes. It’s really a game changer for patients with complex care needs.

Ready to take a shortcut to better rehabilitative care? You can get started with a quick search on our homepage. We hope it completely transforms your search experience and allows you to focus on what matters most of all, your health.

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