How can APR help your patients?

You’ve probably discovered the myriad of ways All Places Rehab can help your practice grow and thrive by now. Let’s talk about how All Places Rehab can help your clients. Finding the right rehabilitative care can be overwhelming. At a time where patients and caregivers should be focused on their health and well-being, they have […]

How to Build Your Telehealth Services with All Places Rehab

Telehealth has so much to offer both rehabilitative therapists and patients. It allows for greater flexibility and convenience. The larger reach means more options for clients searching for therapists and vice versa. Clients and providers can skip the commute and enjoy all the comforts of home. It’s such a valuable tool, and luckily, it’s gaining […]

Overcoming Transitional Challenges for New & Seasoned Therapists

No matter where you are in your career as a rehabilitative therapist, there are going to be challenges. Even the most experienced rehabilitative therapists need to adapt throughout their career during periods of transition. All Places Rehab aims to help therapists at every stage of their career navigate these challenges seamlessly and effectively. We’ve created […]

How Can APR Help Me Reach More Patients?

At All Places Rehab, we’re all about connection. Our primary goal and the reason we created this platform is to make it unbelievably simple to find rehabilitative care that fits clients’ unique needs—and of course, vice versa, to help really great rehabilitative therapists like yourself to be able to help clients without the burden of […]

How to Expand Your Visibility as a Therapist

You’ve joined the All Places Rehab network as a care provider. Now what? Expanding your visibility as a therapist requires a bit of strategy, but luckily it’s pretty quick and straightforward to optimize your online presence on our platform. Here’s a guide with some simple steps to help you effectively leverage your profile for maximum […]

The Challenges of Navigating Rehabilitative Care

What led us to create All Places Rehab was witnessing the challenges patients and caregivers faced when navigating rehabilitative care. It can prove to be quite a complex process finding a provider that checks all your boxes and is available when and where you need them. All Places Rehab is designed to eliminate all headaches […]