How to Build Your Telehealth Services with All Places Rehab

Telehealth has so much to offer both rehabilitative therapists and patients. It allows for greater flexibility and convenience. The larger reach means more options for clients searching for therapists and vice versa. Clients and providers can skip the commute and enjoy all the comforts of home. It’s such a valuable tool, and luckily, it’s gaining in popularity. All Places Rehab can help you boost your telehealth services in your community with very little effort on your part. Here’s how to do it.

Our Guide to Building Your Telehealth Services with APR

1. Optimize your APR profile for telehealth.

The easiest thing you can do to attract more telehealth clients is to specify that you offer telehealth services on your profile, so if you choose one thing to do off this list, let it be this one! Through our easy search options, clients seeking telehealth will automatically be driven to your profile. Ensure that your APR profile is complete and accurate, highlighting your expertise, specializations, and the types of conditions you can address through telehealth.

2. Emphasize telehealth benefits.

On your APR profile, you can outline the benefits of choosing telehealth, such as reduced travel time, flexibility in scheduling, and the ability to receive care from the comfort of one’s home. Think about some of the barriers your clients may have faced with in-person therapy. Call out those challenges, and highlight how telehealth can be the solution.

3. Share telehealth success stories.

Include success stories and case studies from patients who have benefited from your telehealth services. Real-life examples provided on your APR profile can resonate with potential clients and build confidence in the effectiveness of virtual therapy.

4. Collect and showcase reviews.

Encourage your past and current telehealth clients to leave positive reviews on your APR profile. Reviews are everything these days, and positive testimonials often speak louder than any information you can include in your bio. To increase the amount of testimonials you receive, consider sending a follow up email at the end of each final telehealth session, ask on social media, or ask the clients you’re currently working with at the end of your next telehealth session with them. Don’t forget to tell them how quick and easy leaving a review is so they’ll be more inclined to take the time. Always provide them with a link to make it as accessible as possible.

5. Create telehealth resources.

Develop resources, such as FAQs, video tutorials, or downloadable guides, to help potential clients understand what to expect out of telehealth. Some of us aren’t as tech savvy, and some of us are a bit skeptical about getting the same results virtually as they would in-person. You’ll want to show just how easy and accessible telehealth is from a technical standpoint, as well as how effective your virtual services are. Share these resources on your APR profile.

6. Engage on social media.

Create engaging posts, videos, or infographics that explain the advantages of telehealth and encourage followers to reach out for virtual sessions. Share your APR profile via social media platforms highlighting your telehealth services.

The key is to leverage your APR profile so that potential clients not only see right away that you offer telehealth services, but also to highlight the benefits and effectiveness of your telehealth services. Aside from your ongoing social media posts, this is really something you can “set and forget,” letting the clients come to you. If you need more help optimizing your profile and getting views, we suggest checking out our recent post, How to Expand Your Visibility as Therapist.

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